Athletic Development

Athletic Development Program

Do you want your child to achieve more success in sports AND life?

Our Athletic Development Program here at The Lab is always looking to add hard-working young men and women that want to improve their strength, conditioning, and overall athleticism.

***Space is limited to ensure maximum results***

It is important that you know:

1.) I only work with hard working athletes and supportive parents.

2.) If you're looking for the gym close to home or cheaper than the rest, this is not the place for you. I am focused on the development of athletes and striving for excellence, not convenience.

3.) This is not a school-run program. Although I am involved with PRHS athletics, training is my life and this is what I do for a living. I am a graduate of Cal Poly with a degree in Exercise Science, and aside from my coaching experience and many other certifications, I have been working with young athletes (and anyone with goals related to health and fitness) since 2008.

4.) If this does not sound like something that you feel your child will benefit from, that is ok, but to succeed in sports AND in life you need a sense of urgency. Procrastination and excuses will not contribute towards the success of your student-athlete.

As a coach I fully understand how important the success of your child is to you, and I am 100% committed to doing everything in my power to make sure that they are receiving the safest, most effective training. You may be unsure or nervous about letting your child begin a weight-training program, I get it. However, you should be more afraid to have a weak child with poor mobility competing in sports, regardless of age. Statistically, they are more likely to get injured competing in their sport, (or jumping off a curb for that matter) than they are weight training under the supervision of a professional.

I do not offer any fancy equipment, the comfort of heating and air conditioning, trendy marketing tools or any other special gimmicks to get kids in the door. What I do offer is knowledge, commitment, passion, hard-work and a genuine interest in the success of your children in life and in sport. It is for that reason that I require maximum effort and commitment to excellence at all times during training.

***My mission is to build strong, explosive, well-conditioned athletes who are confident, honest, accountable, responsible, and demonstrate strong leadership qualities***

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