In conjunction with the USA Basketball Development Pathway

The USA Basketball Development Pathway describes the road we take in experiencing the game of basketball. These experiences should be designed to promote “Basketball for Life”, which encourages athletes to continue on in the sport of basketball and stay involved whether it be as a player, coach, trainer, fan, or referee. Positive basketball experiences are what ultimately determines whether or not we chose to stay involved later on in life.

There are 7 distinct stages that we believe are key in developing basketball players from ground up.


Everyone starts the game in a different fashion. Some of us are first introduced to basketball in school, while some of us start as toddlers with a toy hoop in our home. In either case, this introduction sparks our interest in the sport.


With initial interest comes exploration. Often, we are entered into our local basketball league or registered for instructional lessons as children. Also, we begin to play the sport with friends in our neighborhood or in pick-up games at school. Exploring opportunities to play basketball are vital to our continued interest.


During the exploration phase and beyond, we learn a basic understanding of how to play. Basketball is often learned from parents or guardians, local coaches, and from those that we play with and against. Many players develop skills by emulating their peers or the athletes they watch at higher levels of play.


The next stage is participation, where players take part in the sport at all levels. This includes continued structured play on local recreation teams, travel teams, club programs and school teams. Participation also includes non-structured play without coaching, such as pick-up games, playing in the driveway, or perhaps at an outdoor court.


Some of us will find that we will advance into higher levels of basketball. Through hard work, dedication and natural talent, we may perform basketball well enough to become very good high school players or college athletes at both the scholarship and non-scholarship levels.


There are a small number of players that possess the attributes of talent, physical and mental ability, and extreme dedication who will go on to excel in the sport. These players move from the perform stage into the excel stage to play basketball professionally. An even smaller number of those players will be selected to play for their country’s National Team.


It is important to understand and accept that while some will advance to play basketball at higher levels, and some will simply continue to participate in the game, everyone will eventually enter the “Basketball for Life” stage. This stage includes continuing to play the game, but also includes those who continue to take part as coaches, trainers, administrators, fans, officials and referees.

USA Basketball’s Development Pathway

is a road map to enjoying the sport forever. Great experiences along the path will ensure growth of the individual, growth of the game, and the future of the sport.

Training Staff

Derrick Jasper
Head Basketball Trainer

Coach Jasper has coached at Texas Tech University, Under Hall of fame Coach Tubby Smith, where he served as the Video Coordinator for the Red Raiders. His main duty with Texas Tech was opponent Scouting.

In his first season at Texas Tech, Coach Jasper served as a graduate assistant manager, working with the day-to-day operations of practice preparation and game management. Jasper went to Texas Tech after a successful collegiate career at Kentucky and UNLV. Out of Paso Robles High School, he was a Rivals.com four-star recruit and ranked No. 38 nationally.

At Kentucky, he played for both Tubby Smith (2006-07) and Billy Gillispie (2007-08), before transferring to UNLV where he played for Lon Kruger (2009- 11). In his freshman season with the Wildcats, he started 27 games and led Kentucky to the second round of the NCAA Tournament. As well as earning All-SEC Freshman Honors, as well as making the Academic Honor Roll.

As a sophomore, he had to sit out the first 11 games of the season, as he rehabbed his left knee after having Micro-fracture surgery. When he did return, he eventually jumped back into the starting lineup and led Kentucky to the NCAA Tournament again.

Coach Jasper closed out his career at UNLV, where he played for Hall of Fame coach Lon Kruger for two seasons serving as Team Captain, leading the Runnin’ Rebels to the NCAA Tournament both seasons.

He currently serves as the Boy's Varsity Basketball Coach at his alma mater Paso Robles High School.

Bradford young
Director of Strength and Conditioning

Coach Young is the Owner of The Lab in Paso Robles, Ca which he operates as a private gym training clients of all ages and abilities. He earned his bachelors degree in Exercise Science from Cal Poly-SLO and has been training adults and kids of all ages in the gym and on the basketball court since 2010. 

Although Strength and Conditioning is his primary focus, he also doubles as a Shooting Coach for The Lab Basketball Academy. On the court, Coach Young played three years of varsity basketball under Coach Scott Larson at Paso Robles High School and later at Palomar College in San Diego before transferring to Cal Poly to finish his degree. 

He currently serves as an Assistant Coach for the Boys Varsity Basketball team at his alma mater Paso Robles High School. 

What we Offer


$20 Per Athlete

$35 For Two Athletes

$10 For Each Additional Athlete

-Drop-Ins apply to any Sunday Skills Clinic or Group Training Session

-Drop-In must be scheduled and payed in advance for an athlete to attend


$99 Per Athlete


-(8) 60-minute Group Sessions


*Rates Are Determined On A Individual Basis

Email Us At Thelabpasorobles@gmail.Com

-Private 1-on-1 Training Sessions with a Coach of your choice

-Sessions are scheduled for 60-minutes unless otherwise agreed upon  


$199/Month Per Athlete

$299/Month For Two Athletes 

$99/Month For Each Additional Athlete

*Athletes Must Be Siblings To Apply


-Up to 4 Small Group Training Sessions per week

-Youth Sports Training Membership

-Nike Uniforms

-The Lab Basketball Academy T-Shirt 

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